What Would You See If You Looked At It Differently?

Oftentimes when we’re taking pictures or videos, we try to avoid shadows. Today, here I am at the beginning of February in Southern California and I’m taking a shadow in this beautiful, beautiful sunshine here at the Salton Sea.

This reminds me how grateful I am to be in a place where in the middle of winter, it’s so sunny that it might affect a picture negatively, but it creates this amazing beautiful environment which we get to enjoy.

After I just left Cleveland yesterday where it got a balmy 30 degrees, it makes me appreciate even more and more how wonderful it is to be in this beautiful sunshine.

It’s really interesting that anything you flip on its head, the things that might be bad in one situation, you flip it on its head and it might be positive. The shadow might be a negative thing when taking a picture, but the sun that provides the shadow is really awesome for us to live in.

When you are in a challenging situation and you aren’t getting exactly what you want, what would happen if I flipped it on its head?

What would you see if you looked at it differently? It’s really interesting, just like bread has two sides to it, so do situations. The negative and positive of every situation.

So the challenge is, when you are looking at a situation that is not working out the way you want it to be, flip it on its head and see what’s possible for it to be positive.