Like you, leadership expert and business coach Giselle Chapman has heard people define success in many different ways throughout her career. Do you experience success through money or power? Job satisfaction? Is it something different for each and every one of us? Or is it something else?
With decades of achievements in corporate sales and entrepreneurial endeavors, her definition of success has become radically different. Giselle recognizes and shares with audiences that behind every success lies a level of passion that transcends the boundaries of money and power and is far more profound than “job satisfaction.” Success is attainable by everyone, no matter what their position; it’s a philosophy for living our personal and professional lives.
Giselle is known for her ability to change the way people communicate as well as her ability to facilitate change management to improve results through her formula for success called S.M.I.L.E. Productions© (Successfully Mastering Influence Leadership and Engagement). Through the S.M.I.L.E. Productions formula she focuses on transforming individuals and teams into high performers by igniting passion that inspires leaders to develop themselves and others with love, respect, and Genshai. She coaches everyone how to build healthy, loving & lasting relationships!
Her fusion of wisdom from real-life stories that inspire combined with her own passion that stirs action connects with her audience and creates energy that will brighten any room. An engaging and nationally recognized speaker, Giselle is sought after because she is able to motivate audiences to think, feel, and act differently.

Giselle earned her BA in Psychology from Seton Hall University, and is also earned a High Performance Coaching Certification, is a Certified Crucial Conversations® Trainer, Certified Passion Test® Facilitator and a Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Bronze and Competent Leader. Giselle understands how to get results. In her 13 years at Bristol-Myers Squibb, she developed numerous best practices training programs. Her achievements at Bristol inspired her to share her success techniques with others. Since then, she has worked with some of the most recognized names in business, as well as with diverse groups of mid-sized companies across industries.