Disengaged employees costs $450-500 billion dollars in lost productivity annually“ ~ Gallup
Build teams and cultures that thrive through change and challenging times with the Sustained Success System (3-S).
How much are emotionally hijacked team members costing you?
"Team drama and negative behavior costs $350 billion dollars in lost productivity annually “ ~ Gallup
Build teams and cultures that thrive through change and challenging times with the Sustained Success System (3-S).

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Learn How To Solve Team Drama & Hijack Using The 3-S Tools

Eliminate Team Drama and Emotional Hijack
Boost Performance
Improve Team Well-being
Use One Common Operating System For Developing Your Team
Stop Talking About, Start Talking To
Build Mentally Fit Teams

Eliminate Team Drama And Emotional Hijack

See how hundreds of CEOs and their leadership are eliminating emotional hi-jack and drama and building sustained success in their teams.

"Giselle Chapman energizes and transforms teams, enhancing communication and leadership. Her impact drives business growth."

Jeff Tovar

CEO, Tovar Snow Professionals

About Giselle

Like you, leadership expert and business coach Giselle Chapman has heard people define success in many different ways throughout her career. Do you experience success through money or power? Job satisfaction? Is it something different for each and every one of us? Or is it something else?
With decades of achievements in corporate sales and entrepreneurial endeavors, her definition of success has become radically different. Giselle recognizes and shares with audiences that behind every success lies a level of passion that transcends the boundaries of money and power and is far more profound than “job satisfaction.” Success is attainable by everyone, no matter what their position; it’s a philosophy for living our personal and professional lives.
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"It's rare for me to declare someone as the 'absolute best,' but Giselle Chapman stands out as a premier communicator and culture builder. Her knack for connecting with people across an organization, irrespective of challenges, is unmatched."

Zach Fuller

Founding Partner, Silent Sector

"Giselle has provided our team with invaluable tools for creating and nurturing professional relationships. Giselle has served as advisor, coach and mentor to individuals at all levels of our organization and along the way became an integral part of our family."

Eric Marton

Executive Director for Cedars Sinai Heart Institute

The “Vitamin G” Experience

Executives and leaders striving for peak performance and sustained success will benefit from Giselle Chapman's expertise as a Certified High Performance Coach and Mental Fitness Trainer. Giselle's unique approach, known as the "Vitamin G" experience, which incorporates gratitude, generosity, and Genshai, is designed to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. Through trust, vulnerability, and collaboration, she creates an engaging and energizing learning environment to help her clients develop the mindset and habits necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. If you're looking to unlock your full potential and improve your mental fitness, Giselle Chapman can provide the guidance and support you need to reach new heights.
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"Giselle's seminar on 'Living your Passion' was transformative. Her vibrancy and insight greatly benefited us, making her essential for any organization."

Karla E. Kehres

Principal, KPK Consulting