What Lens Do You Look At The World Through?

My Smile Productions or what I’m grateful for today is the wonderful time that I’ve had here in Gig Harbor with friends. It’s really interesting how life gives you lots of opportunities to look at things through various different lenses.

My question for you as we talk about this is, what lens do you look at the world through?

As you look behind me, here is a home and you may look at this home in various different ways. You may see it as a shack, you may see it as huge potential, but there’s lots of these opportunities for us to put a lens on. My friends have really taught me how to really be able to see the potential of things.

There’s lots of Gurus’ that come into your life, but it’s the lens of which we choose that really has an influence on us. Seeing where the house is, it absolutely has some opportunities for improvement, but when you see the view of what this house has, it’s right here on Gig Harbor and it is absolutely stunning.

You may say, “oh, I don’t want to be in a community where there’s a house that has so much opportunity or potential,” or whatever the lens that which you’re looking through it for. But my friends saw what was possible and they were able to say, “hey, how can I create something that takes advantage of this natural beauty of this Gig Harbor view and they were able to create their natural art here.

Life is always giving us that opportunity to say, “hey, what is the potential in the opportunity that is right in front of us!”

Please share with me the lens that you are looking through and what has stretched your thinking to see it differently!