What Is Your Opportunity To Put Your Mark On The World?

Pretty awesome being here at Bombay Beach, a museum that evolves in real time. Artists come out here and add their own little touch of creativity to each one of the things here.

This is a boat mural that has been here for probably a little less than a year, but it's just amazing what has evolved over the time. Because there's so much freedom out in this area, people add their own touch in real time. As we circle around here we'll see how the newest artist is adding her rendition of what makes life special and telling a story with her spray paint. It's just awesome to see that. This is her first time out here and just kind of seeing what she can add to the museum that is evolving.

Life is that same way too, right?

Each one of us has own creativity and gets to put our mark on the world.

So as you're going through your day, what is your opportunity to put your mark and creation on the world?