What are the Breakdowns in your Life that May Lead to Breakthroughs?

Nature is amazing! It gives us so many wonderful things for us to enjoy. Often times things form very serendipitously.

I’m here at the Salton Sea and it is really awesome to see this amazing lake that was actually formed by an accident. There was a major breach in the Colorado River and it fell into this basin of faults which is completely landlocked.

It’s an amazing place where 400 species of birds migrate through every year, so it’s a bird watchers delight here. As well as in the past it was a wonderful place where people would go boating. It reminds me that in life there are many times that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs and noticing what those breakthroughs can be.

The Salton Sea provides an unbelievable place for bird and an important migration path. It also provides a wonderful place for us to come and enjoy nature at its finest. The biggest lake here in California, the Salton Sea.

My challenge for you is to notice what are those breakdowns in your life now that may lead to breakthroughs? They all have the opportunity and seeds for those breakthroughs if we are looking for those opportunities.