What Are The Anchors That Drive You?

I’m here at the Boston Commons, the oldest park in the U.S. There are 3 statues that I’m passing and the statues were based on the Puritan culture, which was on learning, on industry, and on religion or spirituality.

Today that’s still a common thing that drives people is a connection with a higher power, continuous learning, and an opportunity to be able to make an impact in the world, however you define industry or work.

I’m just circling around here at the Boston Commons, just to kind of see as you think about what’s important in your life, what are the things that anchor you?

For the Puritans is was learning, industry, and religion or spirituality. What are the anchors that you have?

It’s really interesting because those anchors are what drive us and keep us guided if we’re on track or off track as we look at things.

If you have clarity on what your anchors are that keep you moving forward, I’d love the hear that in the comments below!