Remember to Say I Love You - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is a beautiful and raining morning here in Gig Harbor, up in the Pacific Northwest here in Washington.

I got an email yesterday that really touched my heart, from a friend who said, “Giselle, you start every first interaction with a person with your Smile Productions, or My Smile Productions, which I call MSP - and it’s what you’re grateful for.

He Said, “So I can only imagine on Thanksgiving, your gratitude is off the roof.” Zack, I thank you for pointing that out and you are absolutely right, my gratitude IS off the roof.

What I’ve noticed is that with intention I have been focusing on being in gratitude all the time, every day is like Thanksgiving. You are noticing what is really important and special in your life.

A few weeks ago, I had a meeting with a group of friends, it was just coming together to support one of our friends who’s going through a challenge. One of the things she said is, “you know we all love each other, and that’s why we’re here together and we don’t say it enough.”

So my gratitude is for my friend opening our eyes and reminding us to say I love you to the people who we care about. My challenge for you is for the people you don’t say I love you enough to, have the opportunity or make the time and space to say I love you and tell them why.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your wonderful holiday!