Progress Happens with the Help of Others and One Step at a Time!

My Smile Productions or my MSP - what I'm grateful for today is being out on a walk at this beautiful lake where I’m just enjoying so many wonderful things about nature.

Seeing many people along the journey. Seeing people from little kids who are getting their sure-footing on their little trikes and trying to get on their skateboards or their Razors or whatever it may be and watching them enjoy it.

One of the people that I encountered on my journey was two sisters who were walking side-by-side one on a walker and the other one holding on to the walker. I just noticed them progressing one step at a time. Even though everyone else was progressing one step at a time, they really stood out to me because the one that was on the walker was barely able to walk, but she was making progress. I think how many steps will it take for her to make it around this lake to whatever their destination may be.  But she was taking it one step at a time.

She was able to see what she was able to do vs. what she isn't able to do. The other thing that really stood out to me is the person that was helping her, it seemed like they were two sisters, they look very much alike but not mother and daughter. In any case, the one was offering a hand out to help the other one around the lake.

When you think about success in life, there's no success that we accomplish by ourselves, there’s lots of people that have done things to help us and offered a hand out to help us. This one is much more visible.  I think about this and how we can apply that in our lives on a daily basis.

I say, Giselle, where else does this show up in your life?

Where are those who are helping you on your journey?

So I would like to hear in the comments below.

Who helps you along on your journey?
Who helps you to be your highest and best self?
Who helps you to reach your goals?

My challenge is for you to think - If your feeling alone, who could help you with that?