Motivation Drives Efficiency!

So as I'm walking along this morning and seeing that the holiday lights are up in places. Last night I got to see the lighting of the pier here in Manhattan Beach. It makes me think about something that somebody asked me a while ago and that questions was, “Do you know what the most efficient day is in a hospital?” I said, “no.”

They said “Christmas Eve.” Because people are wanting to get home to be with their families and they’re doing everything as efficiently as they can with their charting and just getting everything done so they can be with their families.

So it's interesting, if we could, with intention create that kind of urgency and focus for things that we want to get done how much more efficient and effective would we be in our lives?

So my challenge to you is see where you can put a self-imposed “Christmas Eve” if you were, into your daily activities and goals and things that you want to get accomplished.