Moonshot Inspiration - Personal Records

Inspiration shows up in so many places in my life. The young lady that I had the pleasure of watching run today has an amazing journey of how she started running cross country.

In January, he dad and her ran their first half-marathon together and she enjoyed it so much that she decided as a Senior in high school to start running cross-country. So six weeks ago was her 1st cross country race. Today, she broke a personal record.

I had the opportunity to talk with her after the race and immediately after the race there was a bit of a let down, an emotional let down of “gosh, I just pushed myself so hard.” Once she was able to get herself together, I got a chance to talk with her and ask her, “what were you feeling right now?,” and she said, “I feel really good and proud of what I did.”

I said, “we’re you going for a personal record?” She said, “Well, I was looking to shave another minute off of my time.”

She really put a moonshot out there after just starting to do this new sport. Amazing enough, she hits a personal record. So it’s amazing to me that in life, there’s so many opportunities to stretch ourselves beyond where we’ve been.

This young lady taught me a lesson today. When you are really wanting to stretch yourself, put a moonshot out there and see what’s possible. Maybe you’ll hit your personal record too, Giselle.

So I challenge all of you to think about where can you set a moonshot as an opportunity to help you hit your personal record?