Losses that Connected Families - Post Traumatic Growth!

I'm really excited to be on a walk and talk with Dee. It's really amazing how things in life just cause us to pause and reflect. During our walk and talk today, Dee and I both noticed that we had both gone through losses in our family and saw what was the sadness and the loss and the hole in our hearts. We also saw what were the opportunities.

So Dee, you have shared that you're family is going to be doing something that I really wanted to capture. So I’m actually going to pause for a second here so that we can actually hear what it is that your family is doing as a lesson that picked up from the situation.

What we decided to do this year this year is that we are going to have a family gathering of the siblings of our grandparents. So our parents, all the first cousins we are preparing to do something in July so that we can all come together, and the purpose of this is to really come together with intention and not let a funeral or any other occasion like that bring us together.

We are excited!

We have a meet and greet planned for the first day. We have a fun day of activities for that Saturday and then that Sunday we will go to the National Cemetery and do a flower and balloon release to wrap things up.

It's absolutely awesome Dee, I really appreciate you sharing. Many families only get together for two reasons, right? Weddings and funerals. So I love that your family is taking this opportunity to say how can we, with intention, come together?

I think the biggest learning for me and my loss is really sharing with people how I feel about them in the moment. So as you are listening to this I want you to think about what are some of the opportunities that you've learned from losses in your life.  

We'd love to have you share that in the comments below.  As we all have the opportunity to reflect and share with people in the present how we feel about them.

Have a great day! I’d love to hear your thoughts!