Learn About Culture from the Classroom of Life

We are in the beautiful hills of Tuscany and we are staying at this beautiful Farmhouse which is so steeped in culture.  The owner, Humberto said that his goal is to keep things exactly how they were done 50 years ago.  So all the food is handmade and as we walk around we'll see herb pots and and a garden of the beautiful things that we enjoy at dinner each night at the Farmhouse. The thing that he said is that the taste and flavors and the way things were made 50 years ago are something that they really work to preserve here at the Farmhouse.

This building is around 700 years old. The rooms and the furniture and things are very, very well built. They are made of marble and very heavy wood and very minimal changes have been made over the 700 years with exception of, they’ve modernized the plumbing. So many things that we take for granted and things the we look to modernize, they really believe in keeping the culture the way it is.

As we take a look at this beautiful architecture that is here, just thinking about creating things that people would want to preserve her for years and you know, I think about a lot of things that we think about as disposable, they think here in Italy about how can they preserve it and make it last for the long haul. When you think about quality, you do think about things that last for the long haul.

What I'm noticing in this amazing trip to Europe is that their life is really a classroom and there are so many lessons for us to learn from. The question is do we notice them?