Leading with Generosity!

People’s generosity never ceases to amaze me.

We live in a beautiful time where people are willing to share their Extraordinary Gifts and put it out in a place where we can access it so easily.

I’m here in Long Island and I normally like to work out in the pool in the morning, but there was not one easily accessible to me. So I go onto Youtube and write in and hit, “training for walking” “high intensity interval training” and there is a plethora of things to share from.

The reason being is there’s so many generous people who are willing to go out and share their extraordinary gifts and put it in a vehicle where anyone can access it to be able to help and grow and learn and share from these people’s expertise. So it makes me think about where are more opportunities for me to lead with generosity. Because that’s what makes our world a so much better place is being able to lead with generosity and doing it without expectation.

So my challenge for each of you is - Where are there opportunities for you to share your Extraordinary Gifts? Whether it be on the internet, through volunteering time or doing something.

We all have Extraordinary Gifts and it’s wonderful when we can share them in a way to help others to grow.