Do you have the grit to accomplish your goals?

Here I am in Boston the day after the marathon and just so amazed at the grit and determination of the amazing runners who completed that marathon yesterday!

Over 32,000 runners in the marathon and the temperature started out at about 38 degrees and was anywhere between 38 and 45 degrees with an inch and a half of rain pelting them. I can tell you being a spectator it was overwhelming just to be out there in that cold and the rain pounding on you, so I can only imagine how it felt for these runners. Just amazing that they were able to go after their goal despite the conditions. They certainly don't let the weather set their opportunity to accomplish their goals.

There are so many lessons learned.  One is that we got to see our friend two times during the race and what I noticed in those two times was that her energy lifted. One of the things that my hope was for others was that they would be supporting our friend when she didn't get the opportunity to see us and also in that same vein being able to stick my hand out and just say “hey you're doing a great job” and seeing the energy!

The number of runners who thanked us for being out there was enormous. It is just amazing the energy of people when you’re collectively working towards the same goal to see the energy shift and today seeing the runners hobble along as they’re recovering. Their bodies healing from that incredible distance.  Just amazing to be in the energy of them and seeing really top performers going after their goals.

Lessons learned are - ask for help! - It is awesome to see how many runners would say as they're running, raise their arms and say “hey you’re helping, thank you for being here!” Just many many lessons of how people accomplish their goal by paying attention to those who are supporting them, asking for help, and keeping the grit going as you go along.

Where in your life do you have an opportunity to ask for help, have grit to carry on, and allow others to help support you with those challenging times?