A Labor of Love: Making the Best Wine - Tuscany, Italy

So as we are finishing up here with the vineyards at Zonin it is so clear, in order for wine to be made, the amount of effort and the amount of science and art that is combined to make this amazing, when we say fruits of labor, this is truly a fruits of labor.

The fruits of the labor that come here are really a mix of chemistry, of nature, of really artistry all coming together in one place and Tuscany is no better place to really experience that.  

What is clear to me is that anything that you want to get good in it life it takes a mix of things. It takes a mix of people, and takes a mix of effort, it takes a mix of knowledge.

As you think of things that you are wanting to become more extraordinary at, how can you mix the best of nature, science, and your passion for something in order to bring it to fruition?