A Community Built With Just a Smile!

It is amazing to me how fast a community is created.

This morning I’m out doing a little high-intensity interval training and I’m walking in Long Island in an area that I’m not really familiar with, with people that I definitely don’t know.  I come across this lady, the first time I see her on this little 2 mile loop, we smile at each other and just say “good morning.”

The second time I see here, she says to me, “hey, you smile a lot.” And boy she is My Smile Productions. She raised my energy, got my mojo going, feeling really good. It is just amazing!

Meeting #1: Total Strangers.

Meeting # 2: We’re now a walking community.

Meeting #3: We’re wishing each other to have a great day.

It’s just awesome, total strangers connected as a walking community in just a short time.

What other areas in our lives do we have to connect that quickly? Kids do it all the time, but do we as adults make the connections that quickly to build communities that we want to be surrounded with?

Think about that in your own life. Where is there an opportunity to build a community in just a few minutes?