What About The Negative People? Start with Gratitude

What About The Negative People? Start with Gratitude

So you can reprogram any person.  Well, truly they reprogram themselves, right? So us sharing our My Smile Productions, we actually benefitted from hearing other people's My Smile Productions as well. Because whether we experience or we see something positive happen like that, we also get our hormones turned on like that. 

What happens is your brain cannot be in two places at once.  

By starting in a place of gratitude, My Smile Productions, you cannot be in negativity, fear, anguish. Those two things can’t happen. People talk about multitasking, there's no such thing. What happens is, your brain jumps from one thing, to the next, to the next. It's not true multitasking.  So by getting focused on things that are positive it puts your brain to set you up for success.  When you make it a habit and what habits do is they really help for us to minimize the resource that's needed. 

When we do something everyday, it automatically becomes part of our routine, it's not a new thing. 


If you think about, does anyone drive a stick shift? We've got about a quarter of the room that does. In the beginning, it’s like, first you’ve got to take your foot off the gas, you’ve got to push in the clutch, you’ve got to move the stick shift, and now it’s just like you’re just driving, it’s easy. 
So once it becomes a habit, it becomes routine. 

Now brushing our teeth is one good habit. What are some other good habits that we have?