Positive Outliers: Success Leaves Clues

What is this about really breaking the cult of the average?

It's about these top performers.

They have up and downs, but because they are the positive outliers, their up-and-downs are at a very high place. That's what we want to really learn is how do we take the benefits of positive psychology and move this average up.

When we're not focusing on hitting average, we do better. So what we want to do is move that average up and say “what are these positive outliers doing? What is the potential? Positive psychology has simply said, “it’s what is the potential of the human.”

SCORE spends all of their emphasis on working on our potential and many of us have shared how that’s happened.

The tool is that Success Leaves Clues.

The things that that I share with you today, I promise you, they’re probably not anything you’ve never heard before, but we as adult learners, oftentimes need reminders.