Mirror Neurons: Human See, Human Do

Mirror Neurons: Human See, Human Do


They had monkeys wired up to their brains to see the activity that was going on in their brains and they had one monkey that was eating a banana and the other monkey was watching the monkey eating a banana.

So the monkey that eats the banana, certain areas of his brain light up, and they’re like, OK. What they didn’t expect is the monkey who was watching also lit up in the same way.

So they go, ‘maybe we got the wires messed up,’ so they go back and checked the wires and no, the wires are OK. So what they learned is that monkeys have mirror neurons.  What happens is, as the monkey was watching the monkey eat the banana, the same areas of his brain lit up.  So we learned that it's not only for monkeys, it’s any pack animals and it’s part of being in groups in order to survive.

So it’s monkey see, monkey do, but it’s also human see, human do.

What happens when you see someone yawn? Right, you yawn too.

Anybody old enough to see Joe Theismann's injury? What happened when you saw it? Ewwww. We all cringe, it’s immediate, yes. Nobody was there, but it was as if you experienced it yourself. As humans we are wirelessly connected to each other and there's a ripple effect that goes on when people are that way.

Now I will share with you another study that was done, it's definitely something with repeatable, but I would highly recommend those of you flying out tomorrow that you don’t do it at the gate at which you’re flying. People, again, are wirelessly connected.

So if you get to your gate and you start pacing around and doing this action, fidgeting, anxious. People around you will start doing it too. Even just like, you look at your watch, right? Nobody cares what time it is until you look at your watch. They they’re like, oh, what time is it? I’m thirsty, let’s take a drink. People respond very quickly.

Now I’d recommend that you don’t do this at your gate because absolutely you’re going to stress out the flyers on your flight. So go to another gate and try this out. The reason being is because our brains are wirelessly connected to each other. People pick up on each other’s vibes much quicker than even second hand smoke has an impact.  

So then you might say, oh Giselle, then I guess I have to avoid all the negative people, right? No, no, we don’t have to avoid all the negative people, we can understand where they are. The bottom line is that we learn skills to buffer our brain against it.

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