What's Your Culture? - Portovenere, Italy

As we're walking down from the Fort walking down from Portovenere, it really makes me think about why fortresses are really built, right? It’s to protect a culture. We all live within various cultures. We have cultures within ourselves, we have cultures within our families, we have cultures within our organization. You know, as you look out here at beautiful Portovenere, Italy, my question for you is “What is your personal culture? What is the culture that you try to protect?”

For myself, my culture is one of love, respect and Genshai. Genshai is an ancient Hindi word that means never treat a person in a manner to make them feel small, including yourself. As you look out here to beautiful Portovenere, my challenge or question for you, and I would love to you to add to this in the comments, is:

What is your culture? What do you live by or what do you try to protect? What do you keep your own individual fortress around?