What Would You MOVE With You On Your Fresh Start?

What Would You MOVE With You On Your Fresh Start?

Let’s talk about starting anew.

Oftentimes in my life I start anew when there's a challenge or something, an obstacle comes up that really forces me to start out with a clean slate. But a mentor of mine said, “Giselle, if you had to start anew with intention, what would you take with you?”

So I want to think about the things that I would take with me in terms of MOVEing into my fresh start. So MOVE stands for Mettle, the O in MOVE stands for Opportunities, and the V stand for Values and the E is Education.

So what I would MOVE with me, the Mettle would be greater than confidence, right?  Things that I've mastered. So I would take on the ability that I have learned to listen well and connect with people. I find that to be extremely valuable.

The O in MOVE, the Opportunities that I would take with me are the Opportunities to really influence the world to look through the lens of love, respect, and Genshai. Genshai is an ancient Hindi word that means to never treat a person in a manner to make them feel small, including yourself.

Then the V in MOVE are the Values are that I would take with me is that relationships are what drive results and what make you a better person. So I would take the relationships with me that have helped me to be my highest and best self.

The E would be around Education and the education that I would take with me are the lessons that I've learned through the challenging times. I find that when things are challenging is when my lessons are indelible and really really stick, so as I move into my new start that's what I would take with me.

My challenge for you is to decide what you would MOVE with you if you had a fresh start right now.