Siddhartha Lake Lugano Switzerland

This morning, I’m really excited because I get to share my favorite part of the day and that is first light right before the sun rises, when that surge of energy comes into the universe and wakes up all the birds and they start chirping in the stillness of the morning it's just incredible. Today I get to share it from a very special location, from Lake Lugano here in Switzerland.  This is a place where German author Hermann Hesse did some of his greatest work, including the book Siddhartha and Siddhartha has two meanings. One is, “one who accomplishes his goals.” The second meaning of Siddhartha is “one who is able to uncover the meaning of life or their existence.”

For me, my meaning is about creating an environment of love, respect, and Genshai. Genshai is an ancient Hindi word which means never treat a person in a manner to make them feel small, including yourself.

So as you reflect over beautiful Lake Lugano, I challenge you to think about what your meaning and purpose is.