My Smile Production from Portovenere, Italy

Good morning and I am delighted to do My Smile Production to share what I'm grateful for from beautiful Portovenere, Italy.  I thought I would share with you one of the natural archways or natural framed out of ocean and the sea here coming together.


So My Smile Production is absolutely being here in nature at this wonderful blue hour early in the morning before the sun rises and really just experiencing nature at its finest. It is amazing all the wonderful things that Europe has to offer us in the area of history and this area of Portovenere, Italy is just absolutely gorgeous.

I’m heading up towards the church at the top of a fort here and will give you some views from there as well, but I couldn't help but let you see this amazing view this early morning. I’ll do the whole 360 for you, so you can see what's happening here and looking out into the sea. So you can see the amazing rock formations that are here and that the morning brings us.  

So my question for you is: “What is your Smile Productions? What are you grateful for this morning?”