Our Words Create Our World!

I’m back here in New York and getting an opportunity to take a nice beautiful fall walk. I feel so fortunate that I get to be back here and experience this beautiful weather and also to just be able to get out and exercise in a beautiful place.

What I realized is that our words absolutely create our world.

How often do you hear yourself say “I get to” versus “I have to?” When you're saying “I get to” it's usually about things that you really love doing, such as being in your passions, spending time with people that you love, those things that really make your heart sing. Then the things that are more of a challenge we might say “I have to.”

Often times things will shift. There are times where we would have paid any amount of money to have the experience that we’re having. Then later in life we say “hey, I have to go to work” where you would have done anything to get to go to work or get to create this opportunity.

So notice where your words are supporting you feeling awesome and when you’re words are  bringing you down and making you feel not as encouraged.

So with that I challenge you to notice when you say “I get to” or “I have to.”

Dashboards Help Us Reach Our Goals Quicker!

In life it's always important to have a dashboard.

I just started working with a wellness coach. One of the things that he had me do is not change anything that I'm eating, just to actually measure all the food that I'm eating and enter that in, as well as my heat rate. 


I'm amazed that in just a week's time I've dropped 2 pounds. You know they say, what's measured gets changed. I've certainly seen that effect as this dashboard of my wellness and movement towards my optimal health goal is moving towards where I want it to be. 

So my question for you is, "What areas in your life would a dashboard help you reach your goals quicker?"

Positive Outliers

What is this about really breaking the cult of the average?

It's about these top performers.

They have up and downs, but because they are the positive outliers, their up-and-downs are at a very high place. That's what we want to really learn is how do we take the benefits of positive psychology and move this average up.

When we're not focusing on hitting average, we do better. So what we want to do is move that average up and say “what are these positive outliers doing? What is the potential? Positive psychology has simply said, “it’s what is the potential of the human.”

SCORE spends all of their emphasis on working on our potential and many of us have shared how that’s happened.

The tool is that Success Leaves Clues.

The things that that I share with you today, I promise you, they’re probably not anything you’ve never heard before, but we as adult learners, oftentimes need reminders.

Moonshot Inspiration - Personal Records

Inspiration shows up in so many places in my life. The young lady that I had the pleasure of watching run today has an amazing journey of how she started running cross country.

In January, he dad and her ran their first half-marathon together and she enjoyed it so much that she decided as a Senior in high school to start running cross-country. So six weeks ago was her 1st cross country race. Today, she broke a personal record.

I had the opportunity to talk with her after the race and immediately after the race there was a bit of a let down, an emotional let down of “gosh, I just pushed myself so hard.” Once she was able to get herself together, I got a chance to talk with her and ask her, “what were you feeling right now?,” and she said, “I feel really good and proud of what I did.”

I said, “we’re you going for a personal record?” She said, “Well, I was looking to shave another minute off of my time.”

She really put a moonshot out there after just starting to do this new sport. Amazing enough, she hits a personal record. So it’s amazing to me that in life, there’s so many opportunities to stretch ourselves beyond where we’ve been.

This young lady taught me a lesson today. When you are really wanting to stretch yourself, put a moonshot out there and see what’s possible. Maybe you’ll hit your personal record too, Giselle.

So I challenge all of you to think about where can you set a moonshot as an opportunity to help you hit your personal record?

Learn About Culture from the Classroom of Life

We are in the beautiful hills of Tuscany and we are staying at this beautiful Farmhouse which is so steeped in culture.  The owner, Humberto said that his goal is to keep things exactly how they were done 50 years ago.  So all the food is handmade and as we walk around we'll see herb pots and and a garden of the beautiful things that we enjoy at dinner each night at the Farmhouse. The thing that he said is that the taste and flavors and the way things were made 50 years ago are something that they really work to preserve here at the Farmhouse.

This building is around 700 years old. The rooms and the furniture and things are very, very well built. They are made of marble and very heavy wood and very minimal changes have been made over the 700 years with exception of, they’ve modernized the plumbing. So many things that we take for granted and things the we look to modernize, they really believe in keeping the culture the way it is.

As we take a look at this beautiful architecture that is here, just thinking about creating things that people would want to preserve her for years and you know, I think about a lot of things that we think about as disposable, they think here in Italy about how can they preserve it and make it last for the long haul. When you think about quality, you do think about things that last for the long haul.

What I'm noticing in this amazing trip to Europe is that their life is really a classroom and there are so many lessons for us to learn from. The question is do we notice them?